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tv   Newsline  WHUT  July 19, 2012 7:30am-8:00am EDT

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vowing revenge. opposition claims responsibility for the deaths of key members of the ruling rian presidentntssad's administration is vowing to hit
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the key turnin 16-month-long conflict. >> translator: the two minist e responsible will be punished. the defense minister and struck. t of assad's own administration helped plant t explosives. more than 90 people died wednesday but some of the
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fiercest b nhk by phone >> u.s. de the situation in ions are happening at the security council and they would impo sanctions against assad's regime.
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e and effective action on syria. ban released a statement saying council member responsibility. he says too long delegates will vote on the resolution thursday. and britain drafted the document. monitoring mission in syria by 45 days. the mission expires on friday. the resolut weapons within ten soluti differences over the competing visions for how to deal with syria. have you been president vladamir putin spoke over the phone but
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their representatives say they ork toward and professor mikau joins us now. for assad? r the regime. individuals were high-ranking officials. they moreover, the place, timing and execution of this attack are all significant. luxurious important emba heavily secure
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was not was highly skilled and had intimate knowledge of the president's inner not be some key figures have already a brigadier
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cing the assad regime. >> i see. the opposition forces are claiming responsibility for the assa >> if opposition forces were campaign to bring do in car bombings in damascus and syria. those had been government openly and proudly admitted responsibility. now they are leaving no doubt about the position. they said this week that they are fighting to liberate the capital. damascus has largely supported the assad regime.
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uade the population to turn it's spreading ll t th citizens s anyone could be an enemy. the internatio
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egypt's new president has time. this cops as world leader's policies on reg mohamed morsi hosted mahmoud their first s s tions with the united >> translator: pre
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will pay more attention to the pressing needs of palestinians and lend a mediating future peace talks their country was em embroiled air nationa leading against an islamist party. members of libya's election tropical storm commission announced the first results al
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proportionate d construction party this ections held in the wake of ew libyan government must win candidat ion or parliament during his time in power. putting a constitution in place is the newly elected parliament's first priority. lawmakers must also prime minister. for democracy in the ople and wou airpor
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bulgaria on wednesday afternoon. bulgarian state television says the blast struck after the e arrival israelis. the government has prove are investigating ay blaming it for the explosion. netanyahu said a attacks on iran. he added that israel attack. high yet another post
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sts within the ruling workers party. it's left speculation over whether there will be a further appointment of lead are kim jong-un as marshal of the republic. general staff. the the side of un has led to speculation of friction within the inner circle opposition from local rt
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western japan on july 1st. delivered to iwak residents are strongly op including deployment schedule. in the meantime the federal reserve says he doesn't
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expect one of the biggest worries about the american economy to become a nomy and that it's e re a house commit rease in wth in weakness is the fed chairman also eurozo a and until of financial market volatility.
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>> the federal reserve painted picture of the financial states a modest to moderate pace. document on hearings 12 district banks held wit une and early july. the baseball book says the housing market remained largely lling. the of an areas showed owth in year but auto sales remained strong, especially for the taking that and other factors into account, the overall report is cautious about the current u.s. economic si
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new home monthly price index on new homes for 17 major cities. they recorded the steep rise in 0.6% in june. cities cities during the first five months of th statistics a of the japan. the commission is tasked with talks. and the eu
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ork ing the economic partnership agreement. needs to make starting has made on implementation has not been satisfactory, i will stop the japan avoid strong talks. we're focusing on the south korean economy a supermarkets are elbowing out
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s are doing to keep customers coming back. -in market in central f food koreans eat every day. this shop sells all kinds of tables, including chinese radish. have been drifting
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ed partners are also tailwinds for dropped the fta with >> translator: i like traditional stores because >> reporter: cities and towns have started taking steps to protect small stores.
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mom and pop stores in seoul. we think it's our responsibility of tong-i here's how it works. pty lunch box. dishes available at numerous stalls in the market.
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stalls that honor the lunc ordered a grilled fish and egg rolls. lunch the ce governments are back
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not so many soup and rice of charge t what's the plan for the future? e market is
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tradit e tourist spot. and now i'm going to enjoy my lunch. i'm anna jung for nhk wo in seoul. an vere. >> the tropical storm that we've been monitoring t cal korean rs north kore heavy rain
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umidity up from the south. and that's clou that's of particular concern because kyushu and shikoku h that led to an continue to be depression east of system. for now it's really helping to ross the philippines. in ter last several days. we're starting to see some cold northeast. mongolia. they're also sending the japan by 10
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hokkaido. ere into friday. stay above average for much of central and down into southern japan. all right, let's take a look at north america and anywhere south really excessive heat over wind across much unsettled indeed. you're going to .
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ar the co this and itish s peninsula. there's also a front bringing thunderstorms, n rain, but sout dry. when i say 40-degree mark in madrid on your marrakech 48. a now with your extended forecast.
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